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Discover the Magic of Cyprus…

Explore a mythical land filled with fascinating Cypriot history, rich culture and culinary delights on the compelling island of Cyprus.  Birthplace of Aphrodite and the crossroads to 3 continents, Cyprus has seduced travellers for hundreds of years with its endless summer and emerald blue, shimmering seas.

As you arrive on the western coast of the island you will instantly feel at home with the famously warm hospitality of the native Cypriots. The Akamas peninsular is renowned for its secluded beaches (with more sea turtles than human visitors), crystal clear waters and vast gardens of olive groves and bougainvillea creating a gentle floral fragrance in the sea air.

Inland, discover rugged landscape steeped in history with splendid ancient riches from bronze age tombs to roman mosaics on magnificent mountains dotted with castles of once-mighty kingdoms, luscious vineyards and welcoming rural villages.

Hotel Anassa is recognised as one of the best hotels in the world, welcoming guests who appreciate life’s quintessential pleasures. This five-star luxury hotel in Cyprus is the epitome of Mediterranean charm with unrivalled service, chic design and breath-taking, private beachfront location.

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